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Hans Grundberg (Special Envoy) on the situation in the Middle East - Media Stakeout

Media Stakeout by Hans Grundberg, Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen, on the situation in the Middle East.
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From Mr. Grundberg's remarks:

"Good afternoon, everyone. I am glad to be here with you today. I will just say a few words first about where we are with mediation efforts in Yemen. As I just briefed the Council, recent developments, including the continued escalation in the Red Sea, is complicating the mediation space for finalizing and implementing the United Nations roadmap. This roadmap is meant to operationalize the parties’ commitments to a ceasefire, the resumption of an inclusive political process under UN auspices, and measures to improve living conditions in Yemen. I also cautioned that the longer the escalatory environment continues, the more challenging it will become. I therefore emphasized the importance of remaining focused on the long-term aims that we are seeking to achieve in Yemen. The needs and the priorities of the Yemeni population have not changed since the recent regional escalation, and they have only grown more urgent. Therefore, the strategic objective and the focus of my work and the work of my office remains firmly in place. And we continue to work with the parties to bridge gaps and identify ways to initiate a ceasefire, resume a political process, and implement the measures they agreed. I am happy to take a few questions. Thank you very much." 

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