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Joint Statement by Linda Thomas-Greenfield (USA) on the 1718 Committee Panel of Experts - Security Council Media Stakeout

Ambassador Thomas Greenfield's remarks in relation to the disbandment of an inderpendent, multi-state review panel which provided observance and monitoring of DPRK's nuclear weapon development program., as required under UN Security Council resolutions.
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Stake out announcing the end of the Panel of Experts from the 1718 Committee Panel of Experts, which provided independent analysis on North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile development.  

From Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield's remarks:

"Good morning, everyone. And thank you for being here. The U.S. in coordination with Japan and the Republic of Korea would like to read a statement on behalf of 50 co-signors of this statement. And in the interest of time, I won’t name them all, but they will be listed in the release of this statement, and you see all of them among us here today. As of today, the 1718 Committee Panel of Experts has officially disbanded. For the past 15 years, the Panel has provided objective, comprehensive reporting and analysis of UN sanctions implementation on the DPRK. We would like to thank the Panel for their tireless and important efforts in support of the Council’s nonproliferation efforts. That work should have been able to continue. In fact, this work is as important as ever. But the Russian Federation vetoed a resolution on March 28th that would have extended the mandate of the Panel."


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