Security Council

Threats to international peace and security - Security Council, 9658th meeting

Urging Just, Lasting Peace in Ukraine, Disarmament Chief Tells Security Council Weapons Transfer to Warring Parties Must Respect International Law.
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Delegates Highlight War’s Devastating Toll on Civilians, Calling for Negotiations Ahead of Peace Summit in Switzerland. As the United Nations’ disarmament chief urged just and lasting peace in Ukraine before the Security Council today, its members — meeting again, at the Russian Federation’s behest, on Western arms deliveries to that country — alternately reiterated Kyiv’s right to defend itself, pointed to Moscow’s procurement of arms from third States and called for dialogue ahead of a peace summit that will occur in Switzerland on 15-16 June. 

  • Briefer: Ms. Izumi Nakamitsu, High Representative for Disarmament Affairs 
  • Briefer: Mr. Daniel Kovalik, Peace activist (via video-teleconference) 
  • Statements: All Council members 
  • Statement: Ukraine 
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