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General Assembly: 67th Plenary Meeting, 77th Session…

General Assembly: 67th Plenary Meeting, 77th Session
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Prevention of Armed Conflict - Item 30 (a): Debate on the item

Briefing the General Assembly today, the Head of the Mechanism established to advance justice in Syria reported on that body’s continuing efforts over the past year, detailing its work with jurisdictions and investigations, but noting in light of increasing demand for its services that predictable financing through the regular budget and voluntary contributions by Member States are essential for it to continue serving the interests of victims, survivors and their families.

Catherine Marchi-Uhel, Head of the International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism to Assist in the Investigation and Prosecution of Persons Responsible for the Most Serious Crimes under International Law Committed in the Syrian Arab Republic since March 2011, said that, over the past year, the Mechanism has continued to demonstrate its value as a justice facilitator.

Presenting the its ninth report (document A/77/751), she said the Mechanism has concluded 83 cooperation frameworks with Member States and other entities, is serving 15 competent jurisdictions and has supported 138 distinct national investigations.

In the absence of a competent jurisdiction seized of the entire Syrian situation, she noted that the Mechanism will continue to explore any relevant opportunities for cooperation in the justice ecosystem for Syria.  

In the ensuing debate, many delegations welcomed the Mechanism’s efforts to ensure accountability for serious international crimes.  They also highlighted national prosecutions making use of evidence collected by the Mechanism, calling for increased support and predictable financing for the same.