UN News in-depth interview with Secretary-General António Guterres
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Ahead of the General Assembly's High Level Week, UN Chief António Guterres sits down with UN News to review all global issues.

 UN Secretary-General António Guterres called for strengthened international solidarity to address pressing global issues.

"My objective is to make it clear that …we need cooperation, we need dialogue, and the present terrible geopolitical divides are not allowing it to happen. We need to change course," Mr. Guterres said in a wide-ranging interview with UN News ahead of the General Assembly's annual high-level week.

The UN chief is just back from a solidarity visit to flood-ravaged Pakistan, where he called repeatedly for fast – and serious – to not only end what he called "climate carnage" but to provide more support for the countries that are the most-impacted but have done very little to cause the phenomenon.

He told UN News: "We need to increase support to developing countries, not only in the reduction of emissions, but in building resilience, in building the sustainable infrastructure that is necessary for those countries to be able to [withstand] the impacts that are already devastating them. Most of the [climate] hotspots in the world [are] countries that did not contribute in a meaningful way to climate change."