Third Session - XXII Infopoverty World Conference
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This Edition draws on the paths traced by the 20th Infopoverty World Conference "Towards the Digital Society inspired by SDGs" presenting the new still unknown Digital Habitat together with pivotal questions on how the digital technologies are essential in our daily-life.

Stemming from the results achieved throughout the past 21 years of activities outlining who are the drivers of the Digital Revolution and how they operate in terms of e-services4Dev, the 22nd Infopoverty World Conference intends to define a roadmap of all the possible options to empower the protagonist of the change in progress in all her associative dynamics and without whom the State as we know it would end up being an empty container of things so to avoid it becoming a far-west lookalike or a pariah of spaces.


14:30-16:30 pm (NYT) - Third Session

SDGs achievement and e-welfare for all: The pillars for a fairer Digital Society

Moderator: Maria Grazia Cavenaghi, Former Director EU Parliament Office in Milan and OCCAM Liaison Officer at the UN, US

Collette V. Smith, Founder & President of Believe N You Inc., US Nourredine Ben Ticha, President of Al-Jareeda Newspaper, Senior Political Advisor to the Former President of Tunisia Hassanatou Camara, Founder of DIMEDI FOUNDATION, Singer, songwriter and musician, US

Todd Courtney, CEO and Founder Picticular, US Bill Thompson, Head of Future Value Research, Advisory Team, BBC Research & Development, UK Giacomo Mazzone, Secretary-General, Eurovisioni, Switzerland Emmanuel Amos, Chief Software Architect, Programos, Nigeria Imtiaz Dharker, Winner of Queen's Gold Medal for poetry, Chancellor of New Castle University, UK Rehan Chaudhri, CEO Peak XV Advisors, US Makoto Okubo, General Manager International Affairs, Nippon Life Insurance Company, Japan

Interventions by

Andrea Falco, Founder of Alfadesignstudio, Italy Rita Pizzi, Quantum Blockchain Technologies PLC, UK Jack Gallastegui, Network Analysis Manager, European Climate Foundation, Netherlands Melita Zajc, Associate Professor Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis (AMEU-ISH) Ljubljana, Slovenia Jasmina Bojic, Founder and President, UNAFF Travelling Film Festival, Stanford University, US Rizwan Ahamd, Director, Media Centre, MANUU, India

General Discussion for a Plan of Action