Sustainable development goals - High-level round table, Rio+20
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Looking at the way forward in implementing the expected outcomes of the Conference.


A major outcome of the Conference is expected to be the decision to develop sustainable development goals. Such goals will help situate the Millennium Development Goals, to which the international community remains firmly committed, within a sustainable development framework. We know, however, that even if all countries should succeed in this regard, the challenges regarding poverty eradication and social development will remain. So too will the challenges for all countries of making economies sustainable, including through more sustainable patterns of consumption and production. Situating the post-2015 agenda in a sustainable development framework, including through the elaboration of
sustainable development goals, would bear testimony to the elevated importance attached by Governments to sustainable development, which is indeed one of the expected legacies of the Conference.

The questions might include:

(a) How should the goals be defined in order for them to enjoy both universal acceptance and country ownership, relevant to national priorities?

(b) What should a short list of sustainable development goals include?

(c) How can we ensure that the post-2015 development agenda is a unified and sustainable one?

(d) How best can the international community support and assess progress towards agreed goals?
(e) How best can we ensure a process to elaborate a post-2015 development agenda that is transparent and reflective of the views of all stakeholders everywhere?