Unmasking inequalities, accelerating change: using disaggregated and citizen- generated data to foster SDG reporting and Accountability
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2021 SDGs Learning, Training and Practice - Session 2


The objectives of the learning session include:
- To discuss the importance of disaggregated data in tracking progress on the SDGs and the pledge to Leave No One Behind;
- To demonstrate how governments, civil society organisations and other stakeholders can produce robust, substantive sections/chapters on the pledge to LNOB as part of the Voluntary National Reviews; -- To highlight how data on inequality can help to inform strategies and policies in SDG implementation.
- To demonstrate the opportunities from CGD for monitoring Covid-19 vaccination national deployment plans
- To show how CGD facilitates a window into peoples lived experience of public services pre and post Covid-19
- To provide insights to opportunities for new collaborations for scaled approaches and joint advocacy
- To illustrate how interoperability of CGD across different programmes can help create a nationally representative dataset