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#PeaceBegins with UN peacekeepers, courageous…

#PeaceBegins with UN peacekeepers, courageous communities and all of you
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75 years after the first UN peacekeeping operation was created in the middle east, the world is still in turmoil, and there are new challenges. UN Peacekeeping's commitment is as strong as ever, but sustainable peace cannot be achieved without dedicated peacekeepers, courageous communities and the support of all of you. Because #PeaceBegins with all of us.
For 75 years, UN peacekeeping has made a tangible difference in the lives of millions of people caught up in catastrophic conflict. Peacekeepers are ordinary people, working in dangerous and strenuous conditions to achieve extraordinary outcomes. They help prevent conflict, protect civilians, advance political solutions, and support democratic processes. Despite the challenges, peacekeepers persevere, alongside many partners, in the collective pursuit of peace. UN Peacekeeping's Peace Begin With Me campaign thanks peacekeepers, past and present, for their service and sacrifice, and showcases the impact of peacekeepers and peace-makers who strive against all odds to build lasting peace. Their stories inspire us all to take action in the knowledge that "peace begins with me".