Multi-stakeholders' perspectives in achieving the SDGs through Climate Action, Plenary Sessions, Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development, 21-23 March 2018, Bonn, Germany
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Climate Action, due to its very nature of impact and influence, needs to be addressed both on a policy front in the multilateral avenues of decision-making and via interlinkages of present frameworks and agenda such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This session will be organized in two segments: First, panelists seek to explore how different stakeholders, from Academia, Youth Sector, and Local Authorities are bringing voices of those unheard to the frontline, while at the same time propagating broader public engagement in SDGs implementation through climate action. The second segment shall elaborate on good practices and benefits of international cooperation on global climate action for climate resilience. One expert will discuss how insurance approaches create added-value for the achievement of SDGs, when integrated into a comprehensive climate risk management strategy.

Another expert will discuss the potential of renewable energies in improving access to clean energy service and strengthening climate resilience in Africa. The expert will also highlight the new initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) of Germany called "Green People's Energy for Africa" aiming at enhancing small and decentralized renewable energy solutions in Africa in cooperation with citizens and the private sector.

In line with both SDG13 and SDG17, the session will also seek to address some guiding questions on the potentials of synergies of actions from both state and non-state actors in achieving the SDGs through climate action: what are the challenges in cooperation, both on policy and implementation level? What are lessons learned from existing approaches? Where do we stand on the formalization of the Paris Work Program in light of COP-24 and the place of SDGs in this framework?