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Closing Ceremony of the International Year of…

Closing Ceremony of the International Year of Glass 2022
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As the International Year of Glass 2022 reaches its conclusion the last formal event to be held will take place from 11am to 12:45 on 14th December at the UN building in New York. At its heart will be the opportunity to thank the United Nations for granting permission to run the Year and specifically to thank all those Ambassadors who gave their support for the award almost 18 months ago.
A lively multimedia presentation by a team of speakers highlighting the best of the many hundreds of activities that ran during the year and involved hundreds of thousands of people from all the continents of the world. It will be structured around Equality and Education; Health issues; Sustainability; and Climate Change with Glass as the unifying theme.It will also explore the ripples that have been created and how they will take the lessons learned to future generations alongside the many legacy projects that will store so many lasting and positive messages.