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Health Summit - World Youth Group

Health Summit - World Youth Group
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Health Summit - World Youth Group

COVID-19 has reshaped the world in many ways, among such is the health issues, particularly emotional and mental health issues of youth. The World Youth Group has been vocal on the severity of this issue and had demonstrated our best efforts by launching the #IAmWithYouCampaign on Feb. 24th 2020 at the UNHQ.

This campaign focuses on awareness and resources to address this silent pandemic that is the event taking many lives. This summit will launch the "Professional Development Workshop" which is a global policy of the #IAmWithYouCampaign recommended and approved by the Team of Delegates; Core Committee and Chief Delegates of the World Youth Group. This policy enables teachers and academicians to equip to handle certain issues of depression and emotional health issues faced by the Youth. This is developed by McGill University for the World Youth Group.