Fourth Committee, 4th meeting - General Assembly, 77th session
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Special Political and Decolonization Committee: Organizational session.
  • Consideration of decolonization items (continued): 
  • Implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples

A/C.4/77/2, A/C.4/77/3, A/C.4/77/4, A/C.4/77/5, A/C.4/77/6, A/C.4/77/7, A/C.4/77/8, A/C.4/77/9, A/C.4/77/10, A/C.4/77/11

  • Statements by representatives of Non-Self-Governing Territories as well as petitions on Non-Self-Governing Territories approved to be heard by the Committee