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Geneva, human rights, climate change & other topics…

Geneva, human rights, climate change & other topics – PGA Spokesperson Briefing
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Briefing by Paulina Kubiak, Spokesperson for the President of the 76th Session of the General Assembly.

Starting in Geneva. The President of the General Assembly, Abdulla Shahid, addressed a high-level commemorative event for the 50th session of the Human Rights Council. He met with Assistant High Commissioner for Protection at UNHCR, Ms. Gillian Triggs, as well as with the Human Rights Council President, Federico Villegas.

From Geneva, the President of the General Assembly will head tomorrow to the Dominican Republic. He will be in the DR from 16 to 19 June at the invitation of the Government, where he will focus on sustainable tourism and successful recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today is the World Tourism Organization’s Global Summit on Community-based Tourism. It is being held in the Maldives.

President Shahid also had a video message today to the Global Psychology Summit. He spoke about how climate change is creating a generation of climate despair and hopelessness.

Turning back to New York… The ECOSOC elections will resume tomorrow, 16 June at 10AM in the General Assembly Hall.