Fifth Committee, 18th plenary meeting - General Assembly, 76th session (Second part of the resumed session)
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Administrative and Budgetary Committee.


Appointments to fill vacancies in subsidiary organs and other appointments - Item 117
 Appointment of members of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions - Item 117 (a)
 Improving the financial situation of the United Nations - Item 140

 Programme budget for 2022 - Item 138
 Programme budget implications (PBIs)
 Marine biodiversity
 A/C.5/76/24, A/76/7/Add.40
 Administrative and budgetary aspects of the financing of the United Nations peacekeeping operations - Item 150
 Cross-cutting issues
 Overview A/76/717, A/C.5/76/25, A/76/760
 Financing of the United Nations Logistics Base at Brindisi, Italy
 A/76/566, A/76/730, A/76/760/Add.5, A/76/760/Add.14
 Regional Service Centre in Entebbe, Uganda
 A/76/548, A/76/685, A/76/760/Add.6
 Introduction and general discussion
 Review of the efficiency of the administrative and financial functioning of the United Nations - Item 136
 Investing in prevention and peacebuilding
 A/76/732, A/76/821