From Mar del Plata to the UN 2023 Water Conference…

From Mar del Plata to the UN 2023 Water Conference: where do we go? (UN 2023 Water Conference Side Event)
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Since the first United Nations Water Conference in Mar del Plata in 1977, although the United Nations system organized a series of global conferences at high level, for a variety of reasons, water has almost disappeared from the international political agenda.

The objective of this side event is to find answers to face the global water crises and to obtain institutional commitments on international water governance from stakeholders.

This side-event on water governance is an integral part of the work of the Interactive Dialogue 5 on the revision of the Water Action Decade and is a way to accelerate the implementation of the International Secretariat for Water (Butterfly Effect + Global Youth Movement for Water) commitment to the Water Action Agenda.