When Hurricane Iota nearly destroyed Providencia
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When Hurricane Iota nearly destroyed Providencia

A tiny island in the Caribbean was decimated by Hurricane Iota in 2020. Although the loss of human life was minimal, the impact on the island's precious ecosystems deeply changed the perspective of its inhabitants. Two years later, they're still working to get back their environmental treasures and preparing for the next challenge climate change might bring. 


Lying midway in the extension of the Caribbean Sea that separates Costa Rica and Jamaica, the mountainous Colombian island of Providencia is home to infinite sea colors, lush underwater landscapes, extensive mangrove forests, and even tropical dry forest. 


However, as all islands in the world, the planetary treasures of Providencia are highly threatened by climate change and sea level rise, a fact that it is no longer a menace of the future, but instead it is now written down in the island's very recent history.