1st Meeting, Social Forum 2021
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The 2021 Social Forum will be convened as humanity faces the profound, unprecedented and multiple crises from the COVID-19 pandemic that continues to pose a threat to the social and economic fabric of countries worldwide, in addition to the immediate health crisis.

-- Opening remarks

-- H.E. Mr. Abdul-Karim Hashim Mostafa, Chairperson-Rapporteur of the Social Forum

-- H.E. Ms. Nazhat Shameem Khan, President of the Human Rights Council

-- Ms. Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

-- Keynote panel:

-- Mr. Jomo Kwame Sundaram, Senior Adviser, Khazanah Research Institute, Malaysia, Visiting Fellow, Initiative for Policy Dialogue, Columbia University - The Sustainable Development Goals and the fight against COVID-19

-- Dr. Maria Guevara, International Medical Secretary, Médecins Sans Frontières - Challenges from the frontlines in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

-- Dr. Ala Alwan, Vice Chair of the Bureau of the Member States Working Group on Strengthening WHO Preparedness for and Response to Health Emergencies - Challenges and lessons learned in pandemic preparedness and response

-- Mr. Obiora Chinedu Okafor, Independent Expert on human rights and international solidarity - Human Rights and International Solidarity in fighting COVID-19

-- Ms. Nafesha Richardson, Climate Activist and Founder of SPARK SVG - COVID-19, climate justice and the rights of future generations

-- General discussion