Turning it around through inclusive food systems…

20 September 2021


Turning it around through inclusive food systems - Global Week to #Act4SDGs Turning Point Dialogues series 2021


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20 Sep 2021

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The Turning Point Dialogues are an integral part of the Global Week to #Act4SDGs and aim to inform and inspire participants about key issues like climate action and poverty alleviation, human rights, combating global inequalities.
The first ever global Food Systems Summit comes at a sobering moment. More food is being produced than ever before, yet around a tenth of the global population was undernourished last year, with numbers higher due to the pandemic. Current food systems suffer two major deficits. They are not inclusive, as shown by COVID-19, where food scarcity and insecurity increased particularly for those already poor or marginalized. Current food systems are also not sustainable, leading to land degradation, greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity losses, obesity, poor nutrition and hunger. Climate change is both a driver and a consequence of hunger. And hunger drives conflict. This special edition of the Act4SDGs Turning Point Dialogue series will explore the intersection between food systems and climate, gender, COVID-19 and conflict – to unpack what it will take to transform food systems as a vehicle for change for people and planet. Speakers:  Marina Ponti, Director, United Nations SDG Action CampaignSam Powers, Co-Founder, Lens on Life ProjectJeanine El Moughrabi, Sustainability Engagement Lead, Canon EMEA

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