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Peacebuilding Commission Annual Session

Peacebuilding Commission Annual Session
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The world is confronting a series of crises and multiplying risks which impact different regions, subregions and countries in ways that require tailored approaches. Strengthened partnership and strategic cooperation between the United Nations and international and regional financial institutions at headquarters and field levels is key to ensure collective outcomes, complementarity and coordination in implementation.
Building on the past engagement of the Commission on financing and partnership for peacebuilding, the PBC annual session 2022 offers an opportunity to generate a better understanding of the engagement of regional development banks in peacebuilding settings and conflict-affected countries and regions, take stock of good practices of the work of regional development banks, and explore opportunities for greater collaboration between the UN and regional development banks. The meeting will also provide an opportunity to underscore the cross-regional dimension of peacebuilding, and the role of the PBC in convening discussions across all regions.