Public policy objectives for education - 12th Session of the Forum on Minority Issues
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Item 3: Public policy objectives for education in, and the teaching of, minority languages


Item 3: Public policy objectives for education in, and the teaching of, minority languages

Participants will consider how public policies should facilitate the effective implementation of the human rights of persons belonging to minorities in the use of their languages in education. They will discuss the need for promoting such education with the purpose of preserving and promoting minority languages and identities. Participants will also consider ways to effectively implement Sustainable Development Goal 4, aimed at ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. They will consider minority language education and its relationship to social development and cohesion, and the strengthening of inclusive and tolerant societies.

Discussions will highlight the importance of recognizing and promoting the educational needs of minorities as a crucial component for the promotion of society's diversity, and thus as an important factor in reducing inter-ethnic tensions and preventing conflicts.

In addition to legislative, institutional and policy measures, it is essential that appropriate resources and effective approaches are put in place for education in, and the teaching of, minority languages. Participants will discuss the efficient and non-discriminatory use and management of resources, including by members of minority communities themselves, as an important component for advancement of the above-mentioned rights of persons belonging to minorities. They will discuss the importance of international and regional cooperation and assistance for the advancement of this goal.

The panel discussion is moderated by Ms. Anna-Mária Bíró, Director of Tom Lantos Institute

• Ms. Shivani Nag, Assistant Professor in School of Education Studies, Ambedkar University

• Ms. Kathleen Heugh, Associate Professor at University of South Australia

• Mr. Juan de Dios Simón, Program Manager of Educo Foundation in Guatemala

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