Reducing inequalities – implementing Human Rights…

Reducing inequalities – implementing Human Rights - Special Event 2, 2023 UN Water Conference
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This Special Event aims at putting equality and human rights at the centre of the agenda addressing the global water crisis. 

Main contributors will be Indigenous Peoples as knowledge holders, peasant communities, people living in informal human settlements in the periphery of large cities, and people facing discrimination by descent, race, gender or age and those who are most impoverished and marginalized, with emphasis on the perspectives that women and youth offer. Through their actions to promote or protect human rights in a peaceful manner, they are in effect, human rights defenders.  They will present and explore the problems that break down or put at risk their and their communities' human rights. By showcasing concrete examples highlighting the current state-of-affairs and gaps relating to the human rights, discussions will focus on the solutions that human rights defenders and stakeholders propose, have put in practice, and can be considered for replication.

The Special Event aims to address the following angles:

  • Different actions and solutions by the panelists to tackle those issues and claim their rights
  • Experiences where working together and with others outside traditional water-related partners have improved  the outcomes and led to further actions to be taken
  • How using human rights norms, legislation and regulations have helped to improve governance, accountability, allocation of resources, including financial means; and ensured effective and meaningful participation and inputs.

The Special Event will also encourage presenting and debating action-oriented commitments that can be part of the Water Action Agenda.

Organizing partners: The African Youth Parliament for Water, Aquafed, FILAC, International Indian Treaty Council, UN OHCHR, UN Special Rapporteur on the rights to water and sanitation, Women for Water Partnership