Sustainable development for fighting poverty …

16 June 2012


Sustainable development for fighting poverty - Sustainable Development Dialogues, Rio+20

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16 Jun 2012

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The Government of Brazil is organizing a forum for civil society in the context of Rio+20. Top representatives from civil society are expected to engage in an open and action‐oriented debate on key topics related to sustainable development.
Participants: - Mr. Fred de Sam Lazaro (United States of America) – PBS - Dr. Boaventura de Sousa Santos (Portugal) - Professor, University of Coimbra - Dr. Judith Sutz (Uruguay) - Professor, University of the Republic - Ms. Lourdes Huanca Atencio (Peru) - President, National Federation of Women Rural Workers, Artisans, Indigenous and Wage Workers of Peru (Femucarinap) - Dr. Manish Bapna (United States of America) - President, interim, World Resources Institute (WRI) - Dr. Márcia Lopes (Brazil) - Professor, Brazilian Former Minister for Development and Fight against Hunger - Mr. Marcos Terena (Brazil) - President, Intertribal Committee - Dr. Pavan Sukhdev (India) - Founder and CEO, Gist Advisory Private Ltd. - Ms. Severn Cullis-Suzuki (Canada) - Board of Directors, David Suzuki Foundation - Mr. Victor Trucco (Argentina) – Honorary President, Argentine Association of No-Till Producers (AAPRESID) - Dr. Yang Tuan (China) - Director, Center for Study of Social Policies, Chinese Academy for Social Sciences