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Indigenous Youth Changemakers for Urban Climate…

Indigenous Youth Changemakers for Urban Climate Resilience (UNPFII Side Event)
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This side event will explore the key role of indigenous youth in co-creating positive change in building urban resilience to the climate crisis. The discussion will draw on impactful practices by cities, national governments, civil society and UN-Habitat and the UN system, empowering children and young indigenous persons to take an active role in urban decision-making around climate resilience, thus shaping the future of their cities and communities.

This event will therefore discuss impactful practices ensuring the effective participation of indigenous youth in key climate adaptation and mitigation decision-making fora at all levels, from the global to the local. Speakers will share their experiences of what has worked, as well as the challenges they encountered and their lessons learnt.

Guiding Questions

  • Why is it important that indigenous youth are listened to and can participate in climate change related decision-making?
  • What do you see as the main challenges?
  • How can international organizations such as UN-Habitat support young indigenous change makers?