1st World Youth Assembly
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Act for the Planet and Trigger Change!


Morning Session (Palais des Nations, Geneva): An opening ceremony at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, with
representatives of UN Geneva and the University of Geneva, and the
intervention of young opinion leaders.

9 am – 9.30 am: Official opening address

●       Ms. Tatiana Valovaya (Director-General of the
United Nations Office at Geneva)

●       Mr. Nicolas Levrat (University of Geneva, Director of the Global Studies Institute)

●       Mr. Yves Flückiger (Rector of the University of Geneva)

●       Ms. Christina
(City Councillor, Geneva)

9.30 am - 9.45 am: Explanation of the GYC's objectives, Assembly's objectives, and

●       Frédéric Esposito (Director of the Bachelor in International Relations University of

●       Speakers: Geneva Youth Call

Eva Leona Luvisotto, Noa Rakotoarijaonina, Jérôme Lanci (Co-founders of the Geneva
Youth Call)

9.45 am – 10.15 am: Experience Sharing across International Geneva

●       Moderator:
Alexandre Hedjazi, Director Global Environmental  Policy Program, University of Geneva

10.15  am – 11.15 am: Opinion leaders' conference. Motivational speeches by young opinion leaders, calling on youth to mobilize to generate a positive impact.

●      Chair: Martin Patel
(University of Geneva, Vice Director of the Institute for Environmental

●      Speakers:

- Maxime Dumont, In charge of Pangaea X
Program, initiator of Reversed Board, In charge of mind-shifters

Leon Gojani, Program
Director at MCW Global, Kofi Annan Change Maker 2021

Sharon Matongo, Lawyer, Legal
Trainee at the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR),
Co-founder of Charity Drive Zimbabwe, Kofi Annan Change Maker 2021

Karimot Odebode, Founder of Black Girl's Dream Initiative, Poet/Author

Jeremiah Thoronka, Founder/CEO Optim Energy

11.15 am – 12 pm: Open discussion between the ISE Director, opinion
leaders, and participants on the potential of youth to generate change.

●      Moderator: Martin
, Vice Director ISE