Make Water Pivotal in Food Systems (UN 2023 Water…

Make Water Pivotal in Food Systems (UN 2023 Water Conference Side Event)
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Our food systems are highly sensitive to water scarcity, water pollution and floods as well as to the continuous changing physical and geopolitical situation. Although water has been recognized as an enabler for transformations of food systems, water is not yet pivotal in the design of our food systems.

The aim of this event is to contribute to the Water and Food part of the Water Action Agenda and act as a global working group on water and food for transformational change even after the conference.

During the side event the water challenges related to food systems and the role of water as an enabler for transformation of food systems will be highlighted, to allow food system stakeholders (farmers, traders, consumers and policy makers) to re-think and act differently when it comes to water use and (re-)allocation.