STI Forum: DigitalArt4Climate & Blockchain4Climate
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This side event sheds light on the game changing potentials of blockchain technology as enabler of all of society action for climate empowerment and local SDGs implementation with a focus on creative economy and youth.

Solutions that will be presented and discussed:

(1) the DigitalArt4Climate initiative and its COP26 collection as one of the world's most famous UN associated digital art initiatives, and

(2) the MENA Blockchain4Climate network with its flagship initiatives in the fields of education, ESG marketplace integration, DigitalArt4Climate, COP in the Metaverse and governance and resource mobilization innovation DAO.

Important aspects of the event are also the promotion of decarbonization of blockchain and global climate governance innovation support for the UN system in general and the incoming presidencies of the UNFCCC process, in particular COP27 in November 2022 (presidency: Egypt) and COP28 in 2023 (presidency: UAE) in particular.