World Urban Forum 6 - World Urban Campaign (Special Session)
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World Urban Campaign - "A Manifesto for Cities: Towards a Global Urban Agenda for Habitat III" Naples, Monday, 03 September 2012, 17:30 -19:30

World Urban Campaign - "A Manifesto for Cities: Towards a Global Urban Agendafor Habitat III" Moderator: Dougal Thomson, Head of Conference, CEMEA, The Economist Group Speakers: Edinilson Ferreira Dos Santos, Youth Representative from Brazil, Youth Advisory Board Nominee; Lucinda Hartley,Youth Representative from Australia, Youth Advisory Board Nominee; Henry Duncan Dama Phoya, Minister of Lands and Housing, Malawi; Luigi Magistris, Mayor, City of Naples, Italy; Anibal Gaviria, Mayor of Medellin, Colombia; Tariq Kabbage, Mayor, City of Agadir, Morocco; Nicholas You, Chair, World Urban Campaign; Matt Bennion, Director of Buildings, GlobalBusiness Line, Arcadis; Josep Roig, Secretary General, United Cities and Local Governments; Peter Götz, President, Global Parliamentarians on Habitat; Louise Cox, Chair, Habitat Professionals Forum; Katharina Felgenhauer, Co-Chair, Urban Private Sector Advisory Board; Esther Mwaura-Muiru, GROOTS Kenya, Huairou Commission Elizabeth Blake, senior vice president, Government Affairs, Advocacy and General Counsel Habitat for Humanity International