Panel Discussion on Parliaments working with others - 2nd Session Forum on Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law
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IV. Parliaments working with others: is there room for more engagement?


IV. Parliaments working with others: is there room for more engagement?

Discussions will focus on existing practices to make parliaments more transparent, open and
accountable, and on how parliaments can better interact with other State institutions.
Discussions will turn to the relationship between parliaments and the judiciary, and how
these two institutions can complement each other to ensure better protection of human rights
and the rule of law, while respecting their respective independence. Discussions will examine
co-operation between parliaments and national human rights institutions (NHRIs),
specifically how NHRIs can help ensure that parliaments take into account human rights
considerations during the law-making process.Discussions will also consider cooperation between civil society organisations, the media and parliaments, in particular, how civil society can help set the legislative agenda and encourage parliaments to champion human rights issues.

Presentations by:

• Ms. Irene Khan, Director-General, International Development Law Organization

• Ms. Sarah McGrath, Director of International Engagement, Australian Human Rights

• Mr. Danilo Kalezic, Coordinator of the parliamentary programme, Network for
Affirmation of NGO Sector, Montenegro

• Ms. Norma Morandini, Director, Senate Human Rights Observatory, Argentina


• Mr. Sergio Piazzi, Secretary General, Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean


Forum on Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law