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A regional framework among regional fishery bodies…

A regional framework among regional fishery bodies: scaling up cooperation and coordination towards sustainable fisheries
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In response to recommendations by the thirty-fourth session of COFI in 2021, FAO has convened in 2022 two Regional Consultations on the development of coordination frameworks among Regional Fisheries Bodies (RFBs). The consultations were organized in the Western Indian Ocean and in the Central Eastern Atlantic Ocean regions and RFMOs, RFABs as well as Regional Economic Communities (RECs) were invited.

The side event focuses on the outcomes of these two Regional Consultations with an emphasis on the challenges and opportunities that emerged during the discussions.

The event will also provide the possibility to discuss the importance of strengthening linkages between RFBs and RECs, which actively support sustainable fisheries governance through national and regional economic policies, and in so doing contribute to food security and poverty reduction.

Speakers will be invited to elaborate on the merits of the development of regional coordination frameworks to support responsible fisheries management and sustainability of  fisheries resources, as well as on the benefits for RFB members, particularly for coastal States with multiple memberships in RFBs in the region.