10th Session

Participation of Minority Youth- 10th session…

30 November 2017


Participation of Minority Youth- 10th session of the Forum on Minority Issues

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30 Nov 2017

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Panel Discussion - Item 3. Participation of minority youth in public life
Item 3. Participation of minority youth in public life The session will be introduced by three young minority activists with experience in mobilising young people to fight stereotypes and defend the rights of their community or change unfair aspects of society as a whole. This session will identify and discuss key factors that can help minority youth being better included in public and political life. Participants will examine how encouraging the participation of minority youth in public life can lead to more cohesion and to the normalization of diversity in society more broadly. This session will also consider the role of policies and programmes that are inclusive of the identities of minority youth. The session will explore how the specific needs and aspirations of young minority people can be better taken into account by national institutions when developing policies targeted at youth and minority youth. Panel discussion moderated by Mr. Henrik Villadsen, Director of the Office of the High Commissioner on National Minorities, OSCE. • Ms. Anina Ciuciu, Rromni, French and Romania student-lawyer, co-founder of "May 16 Movement (France) • Ms. Jessica Reeves, Chief Operation Officer, Voto Latino (United States of America) • Mr. Mina Thabet, Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedom, Co-founder of the Maspero Youth Union (Egypt) Interactive Dialogue
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