48th Session

ID: HRC Advisory Committee - 27th Meeting, 48th…

30 September 2021


ID: HRC Advisory Committee - 27th Meeting, 48th Regular Session Human Rights Council

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30 Sep 2021

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Interactive dialogue with the Human Rights Council Advisory Committee 71 on resolution 34/8, the Human Rights Council requested the Advisory Committee on its reports (A/HRC/48/66, A/HRC/48/71, A/HRC/48/72)

Item 5: Human rights bodies and mechanisms
- Mr. Ajai Malhotra, President of the Advisory Committee (Introduction)
- Republic of Korea (on behalf of a group of countries), Mr. Taeho Lee
- European Union, Mr. Salvatore Pantaleo
- Brazil (on behalf of a group of countries), Mr. Tovar da Silva Nunes
- Israel, Ms. Merav Marks
- Spain, Mr. Aurora Díaz-Rato Revuelta
- Egypt, Ms. Sarah Omar Mohamed Mokhtar Elkady
- Mexico, Ms. Erika Gabriela Martínez Liévano
- South Africa, Mr.  Ivan Charles Vosloo
- Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), Mr. Manuel Enrique García Andueza
- Cuba, Mr. Jairo Rodríguez Hernández
- Russian Federation, Ms. Kristina Sukacheva
- Morocco, Mr. Ali Jaakik
- Sri Lanka, Mr. C. A. Chandraprema
- India, Ms. Senthil Kumar Subamanian
- Namibia, Ms. Hilleni Tangi Ndeyamo Shikongo
- China
- Libya, Mr. Nasser F. O. Algheitta
- Panama, Ms. Grisselle del Carmen Rodriguez Ramirez
- Armenia, Ms. Zoya Stepanyan
- Syrian Arab Republic, Ms. Khawla Youssef
- International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism (IMADR), Mr. Pradip Pariyar
- Institute for NGO Research, Ms. Anne Herzberg
- Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights Association, Mr. Ayman Okeil
- China Foundation for Human Rights Development, Mr. Jiang Wang
- Integrated Youth Empowerment - Common Initiative Group (I.Y.E. – C.I.G.), Ms. Jocelyn Cuanso Yocogan
- International Commission of Jurists (Joint Statement), Mr. Massimo Frigo
- China Society for Human Rights Studies (CSHRS), Ms. Yiwei Lv
- Association pour la défense des droits de l'homme et des revendications démocratiques/culturelles du peuple Azerbaidjanais-Iran - « ARC », Ms. Sholeh Zamini
- International Council of Russian Compatriots (ICRC), Ms. Ivan Abazher
- iuventum e.V., Mr. Hisashi Saito
- Mr. Ajai Malhotra, President of the Advisory Committee (Final Remarks)

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