Accelerating progress towards the SDGs through education
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2021 SDGs Learning, Training and Practice - Session 8


The objective of this panel will be to discuss the following overarching questions. 

- How can education build bridges and lead towards a more equitable and justice oriented society?

 - How can SDG 4 and more specifically SDG 4.7 to bring about transformative education? 

 - What have the global education community learned from the pandemic about reaching the vulnerable and the at risk population? 

More specifically, the panelists will discuss about using SDGs as a tool to achieve the 21st century learning skills. The panelists will discuss the mechanisms to integrate the SDGs using case studies and their respective areas of expertise. This will include discussing technology, curriculum development, lesson plans, curricular resources and other such aids that will help to achieve SDG4 along with meeting the targets of all other SDGs.