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"Giving Voice to Victims in Ukraine" Melissa Fleming…

"Giving Voice to Victims in Ukraine" Melissa Fleming (UN) interviews Matilda Bogner (head of the UN Human Rights mission in Ukraine) - Awake at Night: S6-E5
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Matilda Bogner's job is to bear witness to unspeakable crimes. As head of the United Nations Human Rights mission in Ukraine, she and her team record accounts of horrific abuses and rights violations in a bid to bring the perpetrators to justice and ease the victims' suffering.
Russia's invasion of Ukraine has devastated millions of lives. Civilians have been subjected to summary executions, disappearances, arbitrary arrests, and mass rape. In this episode, Matilda Bogner reflects on the scale of these horrors, the mental health impact of documenting them, and on her urgent quest to raise the alarm with the rest of the world."I still find it difficult to understand that people can treat each other in these ways. It never makes sense to me."