World Tsunami Awareness Day 2022
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Early Warning and Early Action Before Every Tsunami: Building partnerships and leveraging data to ensure on one is left behind.

Since 2016, advocacy around World Tsunami Awareness Day has called on countries, international bodies and civil society to raise tsunami awareness and share innovative approaches to risk reduction. As part of a multi-hazard approach to disaster risk reduction, participants will reflect on the importance of reducing tsunami risk through further developing accurate and timely tsunami warning systems that reach the last mile and strengthening participatory and inclusive disaster risk governance to act on early warnings. 

The 2022 marking of World Tsunami Awareness Day will advocate for reducing tsunami risk globally through increasing access to early warning systems. This year's theme of the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction "Sendai Seven Campaign" is Target G of the Sendai Framework: "Substantially increase the availability of and access to multi-hazard early warning systems and disaster risk information and assessments to people by 2030." Against the backdrop of the announcement by United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres to have every person on Earth covered by a multi-hazard early warning system within five years, this event will allow for a deeper dive into the need for whole-of-society approach to tsunamis preparedness and response to minimise the cascading impacts which can be triggered by these hazards.