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Artificial Intelligence for Social Justice: Overcoming…

Artificial Intelligence for Social Justice: Overcoming Barriers and Unleashing Opportunities for All
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The special event theme, "Artificial Intelligence for Social Justice," is intended to identify options on how the potential of technological change can be harnessed to achieve social justice. The experts, covering a range of areas, will discuss the key trends in technology and innovation in recent years and how they have had differential impacts on people and prosperity, and governments.

Objective & event focus:

  • To discuss the role of digital technologies especially Artificial Intelligence towards achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. 
  • To deliberate on the technological innovations and practices including Artificial Intelligence for promoting democratic principles that underpin an inclusive, development-oriented, sustainable, and peaceful society.
  • To chart out a road map to strengthen a multistakeholder approach and to promoting stronger cooperation between public and private actors working on Artificial Intelligence solutions to advance sustainable development goals.