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Ocean Climate Activist Bodhi Patil: the world…

Ocean Climate Activist Bodhi Patil: the world is our oyster
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A young ocean guardian promotes the protection of the ocean and its livelihood.

From an early age, Bodhi Patil fell in love with the ocean and felt how it truly connects us all and the ecosystems we can live in symbiosis with. 

Curiously exploring tide pools and seagrass beds, he found peace in the blue waters, becoming an ocean climate solutionist, passionate about strengthening the interconnection between Ocean Health and Human Health. 

Bodhi believes in the power of young people to create impact at scale. He was recently recognized by the United Nations as an esteemed young ocean leader. 

With a team of five, he co-won the UN Oceans Conference – Youth & Innovation Forum. He also co-created Ocean Uprise and Sea Dragon Studios – One World Breath to protect biodiversity, people, and the ocean that gives us breath.

As a result of global consultation, Bodhi has a vision to support young people through Intergenerational Collaboration that integrates mentoring programs, finance for youth-led innovations within institutions, the creation of an intergenerational task force for ocean-climate action, and more.