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Partnership Summit - World Youth Group

23 September 2021


Partnership Summit - World Youth Group


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23 Sep 2021

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Partnership Summit - World Youth Group
The Partnership Summit, shares our vision and mission to accomplish the UN SDGs. Every entity has their own method of accomplishing the UNSDGs. In case of the World Youth Group, we have developed Common-Agreed-Programs(CAPs) for the SDGs that are parameters of the first Fundamental Objectives of the World Youth Group. UN SDGs are transforming the world. There is a greater number of citizens who are aware of the UN SDGs, and it's evident with the surge in support for the implementation of SDGs, globally. The World Youth Group sees SDG17 as fundamental because it strongly believes that SDG17 is an overarching of all the SDGs, and if we shy away from acknowledging it, then what we spoke and wrote will remain ineffective. We must have the conviction and dedication in practicing what we preach, and so SDG17 is fundamental. The World Youth Group comprises leadership from the UN to Parliamentarians to business, this makes us more responsible in accomplishing the SDGs. and Here we are to share our thoughts as to how we can support the UN in accomplishing the Agenda 2030- the Sustainable Development Goals.