A/HRC/51/L.16/Rev.1 Vote Item 8 - 44th Meeting, 51st Regular Session Human Rights Council
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Vote on Draft Resolution A/HRC/51/L.16 - "National human rights institutions" - Submitted by Australia - ADOPTED without a vote
-AMENDMENTS- (Russian Federation) A/HRC/51/L.48 & A/HRC/51/L.63 WITHDRAWN Votes on Draft Resolutions under Agenda Item 8: Follow-up to and implementation of the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action SPEAKERS:
  • Australia, Ms. Nina Pregellio (Introduction L.16/Rev.1)
  • Russian Federation, Mr. Yaroslav Eremin (Introduction L.48 & L.63)
  • United States of America, Mr. Brian Kelly
  • Brazil, Mr. André Simas Magalhães
  • India, Ms. Seema Pujani
  • Lithuania, Mr. Pouilas Lazdauskas
  • China, Ms. Xie Zhangwei
  • Mr. Federico Villegas, President of the Human Rights Council (Vote on A/HRC/51/L.16/Rev.1 ADOPTED)