Ask Away: Gender- SDG Action Zone 2021 (Day 2…

23 September 2021


Ask Away: Gender- SDG Action Zone 2021 (Day 2)

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23 Sep 2021

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Q&A Session at the end of Day2 of the SDG Action Zone
This year the SDG Action Zone will enhance participant engagement at the heart of the program. The final session of the day brings back all speakers for an interactive and open Q&A. Audience members will have the opportunity to pose their questions to the experts and speakers aimed at accelerating action on the SDGs. The questions will be compiled in the lead up to the event as well as throughout the course of the day through interactive polls, our platform's question box, social media, and by the speakers themselves. By nature, this unscripted, interactive session also allows for speakers to engage one another and may spark new questions, new conversations, and new ideas and collaborations – with the hope of bridging the conversation to other key moments, events, meetings, and mobilization opportunities to highlight progress.
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