Inclusive Education to Empower Minority Youth - 10th session of the Forum on Minority Issues
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Panel Discussion - Item 2. Inclusive education to empower minority youth

Item 2. Inclusive education to empower minority youth The discussion will be introduced by young experts with experience on issues of discrimination and diversity within formal education systems as well as within wider youth-led awareness raising initiatives. This session will address access to quality and inclusive education and discuss the challenges faced in adapting education system to ethnically diverse societies. The session will reflect on the longer-term benefits of higher education free from discrimination and of study environments that accommodate diversity. It will look at good practices regarding access to education that is respectful of minority identities and the promotion of minority youth participation in student life. Finally the session will explore the role of human rights education from a young age for both majority and minority youth in order to further awareness and understanding of minority rights. Panel discussion moderated by Ms. Saskia Schellekens, Special advisor to the UN Envoy on Youth: • Ms. Nouha Grine, President of the Amazigh Culture Club and Youth Programme Officer at the Ministry of Youth and Sport (Tunisia) • Dr. Elzbieta Kuzborska, Association of Polish Academics in Lithuania (Poland) • Ms. Wooki Park-Kim, Human Rights Association for Korean Residents in Japan (HURAK) (Japan) Interactive Dialogue