Avoiding a Climate Catastrophe, SDG Media Zone…

21 September 2021


Avoiding a Climate Catastrophe, SDG Media Zone (16-24 September 2021)

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21 Sep 2021

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Ahead of the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP26) in November and following the IPCC report warning that climate change is widespread, rapid, and intensifying, the UN Secretary-General's Special Adviser for Climate Action, Selwin Hart, and an expert from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change talk about what to expect on the road to COP26 in Glasgow, and why we now have an opportunity to reevaluate our relationship with nature as we cope and recover from the pandemic.
This video was produced by The Stream, Al Jazeera English, in collaboration with the UN SDG Media Zone. Speakers:Selwin Hart, Special Adviser for the UN Secretary-General on Climate Action; Ko Barrett, Vice-Chair, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; Nisreen Elsaim, Chair, UN Secretary-General's Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change; Host: Femi Oke, The Stream, Al Jazeera English.