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Climate Action - SDG Media Zone, Expo 2020, Dubai…

Climate Action - SDG Media Zone, Expo 2020, Dubai
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Through a live format of interviews and panel discussions, the SDG Media Zone brings together UN principals, influencers, and industry leaders to talk about innovative solutions and initiatives that address global challenges, such as inequalities, climate change and gender disparity.

Session 1: Private Sector and Sustainable Practices

An increasing number of companies worldwide are embedding sustainability into their corporate practices, which is good for business and the planet. However, the renewed ambition to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals together with a global climate emergency calls for a stronger commitment by the private sector to drive SDG implementation and secure a 1.5°C future. 


• Nada Farhat, Al Arabiya News (Moderator)

• Sanda Ojiambo, CEO, UN Global Compact

• Alexis Lecanuet, Regional Managing Director for Middle East, Accenture

Session 2: Individual Actions

As we commit boldly to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG 13 on climate action, concrete steps and inspiration are essential. Michael Haddad, a Goodwill Ambassador for UNDP, demonstrates that with unfailing determination and resolve, individual action can drive positive change for the planet.


• Jayashri Wyatt, Special Projects Manager, UN Department of Global Communications (Moderator)

• Michael Haddad, UNDP Goodwill Ambassador for Climate Action

Session 3:  Youth and Innovation

Approximately 2.6 billion people lack access to clean cooking solutions and emissions from energy account for about 75 per cent of total greenhouse gas emissions.  Investing in clean, affordable energy will help promote good health, tackle climate change, and boost the economy by creating green jobs. The innovative solutions and creativity of young people can accelerate the transition to renewable energy, fueling a sustainable and just future for all.  


• AY Young, SDG Young Leader (Moderator)

•  Nisreen Elsaim, Chair of UN Secretary-General's Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change 

• Vladislav Kaim, UN Secretary-General's Youth Advisor on Climate Change