UN Day Celebration at EXPO 2020

24 October 2021


UN Day Celebration at EXPO 2020

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24 Oct 2021

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UN Day: Calls for solidarity rang across EXPO 2020 in Dubai today as participants celebrated United Nations Day

Calls for solidarity rang across EXPO 2020 in Dubai today as participants celebrated United Nations Day  

Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammad brought a call for solidarity. "I want us to hold on to the hopefulness of the future of mankind and its home, the planet," she said. 

Maher Nasser, the UN's Commissioner-General at EXPO, agreed on the need to transcend borders. "It's the world coming together to build solidarity, to explore innovation and to pursue hope for a better future." 

EXPO 2020, which runs through March of next year, includes a UN Hub where visitors can learn about the Organization's mission for peace, development, human rights and human dignity.