Interview with Jason Momoa, new UNEP Advocate for Life Below Water : SDG Media Zone - UN Conference 2022
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Hear from actor/activist Jason Momoa ("Aquaman") about his passion for the ocean and achieving Sustainable Development Goal 14. Momoa will be formally designated UNEP Advocate for Life Below Water at this event.



  • Jason Momoa, actor and UNEP Advocate for Life Below Water

  • Susan Gardner, UNEP Head of Delegation and DirectorEcosystems

The SDG Media Zone at the UN Ocean Conference takes place from 27 June – 1 July 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal. Hosted by the United Nations and in collaboration with the PVBLIC Foundation and media partners, the SDG Media Zone aims to take the conversation on advancing the Sustainable Development Goals out of the policy sphere and into the public discourse.  Through a live format of interviews and panel discussions, the SDG Media Zone at the Conference will bring together UN principals, influencers, and industry leaders to talk about innovative solutions and initiatives that address the challenges that the ocean is now facing.