Leveraging a human rights approach in the extractive and energy industries - Day 3 (Room XX) Forum on Business and Human Rights 2022
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Leveraging a human rights approach in the extractive and energy industries - 11th UN Forum on Business and Human Rights - Rights Holders at The Centre: Strengthening Accountability To Advance Business Respect For People And Planet In The Next Decade
1:20pm – 2:40pm (ORIGINAL ONLY) Leveraging a human rights approach in the extractive and energy industries
The extractive industry consists of a wide range of business enterprises, institutions and peoples involved in the extraction of oil, gas, solid minerals, and rare metals needed to generate energy. Extractive and energy industries therefore have the potential to create both positive and negative impact upon human rights and the lives of communities. The industry can provide significant contributions toward much needed economic growth that in turn can provide the funds required to build infrastructure, provide better social services and meet international targets such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Similarly, if the world is to transition from brown to green energy, then extractive industries are vital to meet the Paris Agreement and provide the metals and minerals needed to create green technology that moves countries away from brown to green economies. A human rights-based approach in the just transition towards greener, resilient and climate-neutral economies will ensure this process is fair and inclusive. Despite the potential for positive change, extractive and energy industries also have, and are currently having, a negative impact upon individuals and communities who have seen their human rights and environments adversely impacted from large scale energy projects. These projects can cause great harm, as they can damage ecosystems, which many communities, particularly indigenous and minorities, rely on for their right to food, water and sanitation, health, and cultural rights amongst others. A human rights approach is therefore key to advance a more sustainable path towards responsible business conduct in extractive and energy investments and operations.  For the UNGPs to engender change in the extractive and energy sectors, as envisioned in the Roadmap for the next decade of business and human rights developed by the Working Group, there is a need to focus on how decision-making and planning by stakeholders in the sectorcan be accelerated from a rights holder's perspective.
  • Moderators: Damilola Olawuyi
  • Speakers: 
  • Rafael Chaves
  •  Julieta Lamberti
  • Timothée Mbuya
  • Monica Kristiani Ndoen
  •  Adriano Nuvunga
  • Ellie Pahlow