Day 3 (Room XX) Forum on Business and Human Rights 2022
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Rights Holders at The Centre: Strengthening Accountability To Advance Business Respect For People And Planet In The Next Decade - 11th UN Forum on Business and Human Rights
10:00am – 11:20am  Gender and diversity: how to incorporate an intersectional lens to BHR (ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH AVAILABLE)
  • Moderators: Fernanda Hopenhaym
  • Speakers: Reem Alsalem, Alejandra Collette Spinetti, Yvonne Muthoni, Zoe Kibbey, Ramkrishna Sinha, Patricia McCullagh
11:40am – 1:00pm All persons at the centre: Confronting racism to catalyze the BHR agenda (ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH AVAILABLE)
  • Moderators: Fernanda Hopenhaym
  • Speakers: Tina Stavrinaki, Erika George, Néstor Javier Caicedo, Priyanka Samy, Ana Fontes, Lihle Mabuza, Deniz Utlu
1:20pm – 2:40pm (ORIGINAL ONLY) Leveraging a human rights approach in the extractive and energy industries
  • Moderators: Damilola Olawuyi
  • Speakers: Rafael Chaves, Julieta Lamberti, Timothée Mbuya, Monica Kristiani Ndoen, Adriano Nuvunga, Ellie Pahlow
3:00pm – 4:40pm  Ending the Criminalization of Indigenous Human Rights Defenders: The Way Forward (ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH + ARABIC AVAILABLE)
  • Moderators: Francisco Cali
  • Speakers: Marie-Laura Schmitt, Pichamon Yeophantong, Haajarah Ahmed, Nittaya Earkanna-Mee, Adrian Banie Lasimbang, Diel Mochire Mwenge, Dulcy Maria Cotes Van- grieken
5:00pm – 6:00pm Closing Plenary
  • Speakers: Volker Türk, Federico Villegas, Pichamon Yeophantong, Nizar Ben Sghaier, Indigenous Caucus Representative, Vedtey Ngoun, Jandyra Uehara Alves, Carolina Olarte-Bácares