(6th meeting) Working Group of experts on people of African descent 30th public session on "Children of African Descent"
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The Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent 30th public session on Children of African Descent will be held from 23 to 27 May 2022 in New York, USA.


Item 6: Thematic Discussion: TOPIC 5

"We are the change we seek!" Child/Youth of African Descent Agency and Activism
Expert statement and Panel Chair: Miriam Ekiudoko

Invited Speakers:
1.Ms. Joanne N. Smith, President and CEO, Girls for Gender Equality (GGE)
2. Dr. Ramatu Bangura, Director Children's Rights Innovation fund
3. Ms. Aisha Yusuf a 14 year-old, NYC Junior Ambassador alumna,
Liberty Avenue Middle School.
4. Mr. Youssouf Simba Diakite, Co-founder, co-chair African Diaspora Youth Forum in Europe ADYFE video
5. Ms. Sorel Baines (Panama) a 17-year-old from the province of Colon, Panama d Spanish/video
6. Ms. Akeyo Elsa Williams,
"Young Gifted Black" (YGB), ISD - video
Celebration of Africa Day including Poetry by Amock Alikuleti (video)

The thematic session will discuss the human rights situation of children of African descent globally. The session will involve extensive discussions on racial discrimination and inequality faced by children of African descent in all areas of life including administration of justice, law enforcement, education, health, family life, development, as well as redress for legacies of enslavement, colonialism, and racial segregation.