Financial resources, technology and capacity-building…

22 June 2012


Financial resources, technology and capacity-building - High-level round table, Rio+20

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22 Jun 2012

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Looking at the way forward in implementing the expected outcomes of the Conference
(a) What new approaches can we deploy to mobilize and direct the financial resources, including official development assistance, that countries will need to invest in green economy policies and move more decisively towards sustainable development? (b) How can we ensure that efforts in the fields of science and technology result in a significant increase in global energy and resource efficiency in the coming decades? (c) How can we foster broad access to environmentally sound technologies, including in developing countries and the least developed countries? (d) How can we enhance international technological cooperation on the development, deployment and transfer of environmentally sound technologies, including in developing countries? (e) What can be done by the international community to strengthen and target more effectively its capacity-building support for building inclusive green economies and achieving sustainable development and poverty eradication?