SDG Storytelling Lab - Global Goals Week (Expo 2020 Dubai)
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Join the SDG Storytelling Lab at Expo 2020 Dubai to learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals and the power of storytelling to promote Global Goals. What is your story? Storytelling is a crucial part of the Sustainable Development Goals communication and advocacy.

The SDG Storytelling Lab event will galvanize the creative community in an exciting design sprint and pitching session to help people and the planet. 

As expert storytellers, the creative industry has a pivotal role in inspiring action to achieve the SDGs by 2030. Bringing together creatives and changemakers, the SDG Storytelling Lab will explore opportunities to uplift stories of progress and uphold human dignity. Stories can be a powerful tool to bring people together in our shared humanity, amplify voices and foster agency for marginalized identities as well as influence positive social change. With United Nations Under-Secretary-General Melissa Fleming and industry leaders, SDG Storytelling Lab will be followed by a showcase of stories from three changemakers, each proposing a solution to address the SDGs, discover ways to use your creative talents to tell stories that empower, inspire, and help to achieve the global goals.

Featuring: Melissa Fleming (Under Secretary General for UN Global Communications), Kristeena Monteith (2018 Young Leader for the SDGs)

Expo 2020 Dubai will bring together partners, activists and advocates from around the world to mobilise and accelerate momentum on the Global Goals as we enter the second year of the Decade of Action.